Project: School District Directories

Mill Valley School District, Mill Valley, CA — The Mill Valley School District requires both an online and a printed directory to meet the needs of the 2000+ k-8 families in the District. An online FileMaker Database is maintained which serves multiple purposes:

  • Administrative access for building and maintaining family records
  • Online updating by District families
  • Online search using desktop and mobile web access by District families
  • Backend generation of printed directory

While the task of maintaining family information might appear to be an easy task, it is quite the challenge, given that key fields from the source database often are based on home telephone numbers which are constantly changing or may not exist at all.

  • FileMaker, FileMaker Customer Web Publishing (CWP), PHP fx.php

"For years, Jonathan has worked with the district to provide a high quality Directory that thousands of Mill Valley families regularly use. His database is very extensive and meticulously organized, which helps produce a quality directory year after year. His customer service is impeccable!"

Paul Johnson, Superintendent, Mill Valley School District